SOAS University of London

Impress on & off stage

We worked with one of London's leading dance companies to re-brand and design the new website.

Storm re-designed and reinvigorated Uchenna, with industry leading web solutions, including powerful new membership conversion strategies.

Increased Email conversion rate


Increased engagement on mobiles


Improved SEO and lead conversions

We where hired to:

Sign Up For Classes

Easy to join classes, with automated responses and database entries. Swift and Spam free.

Detailed Events Calendar

Clean and intuitive, the Uchenna events calendar includes easy to add venues, repeat dates, Eventbright links and and even ticket prices.

With it's flexible layout, it can display multiple views and scale to a wide range of screen sizes. It's also integrated with Google Maps and an eCommerce payment system.


Custom WordPress Development

Developing and customising the website to integrate with the easiest Content Management System available. This means content authors have no problems adding, editing and creating content for the site.

Our impact

Over the course of 12 months, we were able to build and deliver some key technical achievements. Here are some of our favourites.

Integration with YouTube API

The site displays in full width for sliders, on a grid of 1280 and 960px for desktops, and scales under 490px for mobiles. All sidebars, widgets, carousels are also scaled, or disabled according to the UI plan.


The integration with YouTube allows the carousel and hero items to pull directly from a channel or playlist. All comments and likes on YouTube can also be used. This was achieved through PHP and Google’s Developer console.

Category and taxonomy driven sliders

The main carousel automatically pulls from tailored blog posts from certain categories and taxonomies, such as post date and popularity. It will therefor priorities articles which have comments or are new. It automatically pulls the featured image as well as the excerpt.

Integration with Facebook API

The Facebook Integration allows visitors to create accounts using their Facebook information, and can also be used on mobiles without opening a browser. It will automatically pull the profile picture and basic information, which doesn’t require additional permissions from the user or review by Facebook. User information is also collected and stored in an XML which can easily be imported into email campaigns or bespoke CMS systems

A custom theme development with all the moves

Since its inception in 2009, Uchenna Dance, led by Vicki Igbokwe, has grown from an informal explorative company to a tour de force within the dance sector.

This has been, in part, due to the easy to use and creative brand we have created online.

  • Dynamic video carousels
  • Intuitive class signup forms
  • Easy to use calendars
  • Full responsive layout
  • Ajax masonry galleries
  • Integration with YouTube and Vimeo APIs

Color & material

The colour harmony was chosen to create strong contrasts and easily display sign-posted content. Hero-ing the most important buttons, text and call-to-actions.

We’ve also used a various custom fonts that compliment the colour palate, while still providing bold headings on multiple device sizes.

Uchenna Purple
Smoke on the water
Integration with Twitter API

Integrated with the Twitter API services, to deliver real-time tweets, posts and statistics. This allows SOAS to show Twitter activity with each subject area and school.

Integration with Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Retargeting

Integrated the Universal Analytics Java Script on all pages, within the header. This allows SOAS to integrate the website with Tag Manger, Google Data Studio and more. Making it easier to inform key decisions when running PPC and Social media campaigns.

Available Globally

This allows users to write articles, add to forums, comment on articles and be notified when there has been activity on their own posts. More importantly, it can also be extended to eCommerce Functions, such as purchase history, transactions and more.

Custom widgets and sidebars for specific page templates

Page templates will have their own sidebars and widgets which priorities content tailored to that user journey. This includes, account creations, social media information, related articles and posts, and upcoming events.