Award winning choreographer & womens advocate

Maria Ghoumrassi

Maria da Luz is a dancer, choreographer, movement director and educator.

She is interested in Intercultural Performance and Education as a way of developing cultural awareness, through multidisciplinary arts using techniques from around the world.

Maria da Luz creates work that is emotionally poetic, physically challenging and rhythmically complex. She draws from contemporary, ballet, Africanist dance practices, jazz and hip-hop.

She explores themes of social concern, identity and abstract movement, the relationship between sound and movement and abstract compositions.

Maria hired us to:
  • Create a brand
  • Conceptualise a website
  • Build a mobile friendly website

Color & material

We aimed to create a colour scheme with a strong contrast. Using the deep blue as a background colour for DIVs, also married well with the photography as well as the feature call-to-action buttons.

We used Gold to break-up the white and blue DIVs, and created feature points for the user to look at. These are were we put key rememberable information.

Deep Blue


Royal Gold





Full width & Responsive

Though the layout looks simple, there are custom columns and widths being used which all work on every device. These are turned "on" or "off" depending on the screen size.

Images and videos are also scaled and loaded into the containers and DIVS.


Classes and shows functionality

A simple, easy to use class booking accordion is beings used for local classes and upcoming performances. These are extremely easy to update, as we've integrated WordPress with a visual composer, similar to MS Word.

Automated elements

Automated Hero Sliders + Widgets and sidebar elements are all automated and updated with a single click. Allowing content authors to easily add testimonials, blogs and shows with a few simple clicks.

Our impact

Over the course of 12 months, we were able to build and deliver some key technical achievements. Here are some of our favourites.

Hero carousel slider

The homepage will automatically pull images from blog posts, social media or custom videos and images. These are scaled and optimised for each device and easy crawling for search engines.

Full social media integration

We've integrated the site with Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, allowing content to be pulled through - in real time. The integration with YouTube allows the carousel and hero items to pull directly from a channel or playlist. All comments and likes on YouTube can also be used. This was achieved through PHP and Google’s Developer console.

Integration with Adobe TypeKit

We're using custom fonts from Adobe TypeKit allows us to create handcrafted fonts and use them for headings and body copy. It also allows us to use them online in print branding and on social media.

Custom WordPress Theme

Maria's WordPress theme has been built with custom CSS and JQUERY, on the framework of Bootstrap. Integrating it with WordPress allows Maria to save time and hassle when updating content and filtering against SPAM attacks. It also allows her to easily manage and upload images and videos into her blogs.

Made for her audience

We know what visitors are looking for, so we've opted to use a 1-page infinite scrolling layout with beautiful CSS transitions. This means the main menu will anchor link to the most important information, and if the user scrolls, images and content will be animated depending on the scrolling position.

  • Intelligent – non intrusive header
  • Engaging animations on all devices
  • Touch support for scrolling left and right
  • Loads classes and shows without refreshing page
  • Images and media optimised for speed.
Integration with Twitter API

Integrated with the Twitter API services, to deliver real-time tweets, posts and statistics. This allows Maria to show Twitter activity with each subject area and school.

Integration with Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Retargeting

Integrated the Universal Analytics Java Script on all pages, within the header. This allows Maria to integrate the website with Tag Manger, Google Data Studio and more. Making it easier to inform key decisions when running PPC and Social media campaigns.

Available Globally

This allows users to write articles, add to forums, comment on articles and be notified when there has been activity on their own posts. More importantly, it can also be extended to eCommerce Functions, such as purchase history, transactions and more.

Custom widgets and sidebars for specific page templates

Page templates will have their own sidebars and widgets which priorities content tailored to that user journey. This includes, account creations, social media information, related articles and posts, and upcoming events.