Harts & Offtime Music

Supporting the artist and his vision

We’ve worked with Harts since the beggining of his rise to stardom. Digitally designing and building his ecosystem around Social Media, Email campaigns and of course a fully-fledged eCommerce store for purchasing.

Integrated with full audio and video functionality, Harts looks as good online as he does live.

Integrated social media streams


Created music distribution platform


Membership development and customer growth

We where hired to:
  • Develop solutions for fans and Harts to connect.
  • Develop a eCommerce website for AUS distribution.
  • Develop technology secure music purchasing and downloading
  • Define and build the Offtime Music brand

Sign Up with Social Meida

Create your free account in a matter of minutes with your favourite social media account. Automatically use it to complete your basic billing information

Download high fidelity audio

Customers can download in hi-res MP3 as well as lossless WAV formats.

Love Your Life

You can re-download your purchased music up to three times.

Our impact

Over the course of 12 months, we were able to build and deliver some key technical achievements. Here are some of our favourites.

Integration with YouTube API

The site displays in full width for sliders, on a grid of 1280 and 960px for desktops, and scales under 490px for mobiles. All sidebars, widgets, carousels are also scaled, or disabled according to the UI plan.


The integration with YouTube allows the carousel and hero items to pull directly from a channel or playlist. All comments and likes on YouTube can also be used. This was achieved through PHP and Google’s Developer console.

Category and taxonomy driven sliders

The main carousel automatically pulls from tailored blog posts from certain categories and taxonomies, such as post date and popularity. It will therefor priorities articles which have comments or are new. It automatically pulls the featured image as well as the excerpt.

Integration with Facebook API

The Facebook Integration allows visitors to create accounts using their Facebook information, and can also be used on mobiles without opening a browser. It will automatically pull the profile picture and basic information, which doesn’t require additional permissions from the user or review by Facebook. User information is also collected and stored in an XML which can easily be imported into email campaigns or bespoke CMS systems

Stream and buy albums on the go

Everything on the shop is mobile and tablet friendly, whether your streaming or purchasing your music. Customers can browse and demo from a variety of of artists joining this label.

  • Integrated with PayPal
  • Automatic country detection
  • Product sound quality variables
  • High performance streaming
  • Secure file downloads
  • Discounts and coupon codes
  • Customer reviews and social sharing

Color & material

The Harts and Offtime music sites tae a chic – no bullshit style approach to website and content. Colours and UI are designed to highlight only whats absolutely crucial to the user.

UI is made with a flat design, with outlined styled borders, menu items, and forms.

Absolute black


Clean grey


Harts Red


Integration with Twitter API

Integrated with the Twitter API services, to deliver real-time tweets, posts and statistics. This allows SOAS to show Twitter activity with each subject area and school.

Integration with Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Retargeting

Integrated the Universal Analytics Java Script on all pages, within the header. This allows SOAS to integrate the website with Tag Manger, Google Data Studio and more. Making it easier to inform key decisions when running PPC and Social media campaigns.

Available Globally

This allows users to write articles, add to forums, comment on articles and be notified when there has been activity on their own posts. More importantly, it can also be extended to eCommerce Functions, such as purchase history, transactions and more.

Custom widgets and sidebars for specific page templates

Page templates will have their own sidebars and widgets which priorities content tailored to that user journey. This includes, account creations, social media information, related articles and posts, and upcoming events.