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Global leader in Fixed Income and Liability Driven Investment.

A leading global asset manager across liability driven investment, fixed income and currency, multi-asset and absolute return. Clients include pension funds, corporates, local authorities, insurers, sovereign wealth funds, wealth managers, financial institutions and individual investors.

Over the last three years, I have:

increased social media followers and engagement


increased viewers of the firms online video content


Email to website conversion rate (av. per year)


Reduction in PPC spend over two years


Objective 1.

01. SEO

Designed and implemented global SEO programme, integrated with channel and content marketing teams.

Objective 2.

02. New business oportunties

After increasing social media followers and engagement by over 70% globally, I introduced social media lead generating, working with senior members of the client facing teams to find and add leads directly into the sales pipeline.

Objective 3.

03. New initiatives

Designed and implemented paid advertising on social media channels plus a social media monitoring programme.

Reduced PPC spend by 15% annually during the first 24 months, improving the ROI of paid text and display campaigns over two years